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De Novo Concepts Online – is an experienced online interior decorating business that prides itself on providing clients with professional advice. With 20 years experience I understand the stress that comes from building or renovating. I provide an online service to clients who are in need of colour and building solutions on interior and exterior selections for their new homes or renovations. I am proud to say that I have been providing this unique service for nine years in Australia and was one of the very first decorating business to go “online”. I have provided online advice to people in Canada, United States and the UK.

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Online Canberra


Can I just say that if you are thinking of using Michelle for an email consult then do it.

I don't know why I resisted the idea of using an interior decorator, but my DH said that considering we are spending over $300K on a house, $300 on a email consult was a cheap price to pay to get peace of mind instead of stressing out. And it's been worth heaps more.

Thanks Michelle, you're the best.



Periwinkles Day Care

I have found Michelle Stokes (Creative Planner & Colour Expert) to be very professional in every aspect of my dealings with her.

She is very knowledgeable in coming up with amazing ideas for a variety of spaces & sourcing materials that will work  for maximum impact & results.

Communication was important to me and Michelle was fantastic in doing so. She constantly kept in contact when required and updated me on the progress of each property and dates in which these would be finalised.

In every project she has done a lot of research and thought of everything, The Periwinkles Day Care project is more challenging than the others. In designing this area Michelle has excelled. She has kept  in mind all the required/compulsory guidelines while also making it an inviting environment for all my day care children to enjoy for many years to come.

Anglicare Chesalon, Nowra

Anglicare Chesalon contacted Michelle Stokes to help redesign two common areas in our Nowra aged care residence.  One of the areas we needed assistance with was in our dementia unit. Michelle researched the impact different colours and patterns would have on the well-being of our aged care residents and residents with dementia. She provided us with a detailed design layout and mood boards.  Michelle is most professional, working according to her brief and considering function and budget. Her fees were very reasonable. Michelle has done a great job and is a pleasure to work with.  We really appreciate her being available to consult with over the phone and in person as we make her ideas a reality. - Anglicare Chesalon, Nowra

Dementia Care

Bomaderry NSW


Inviting Michelle to my house was the best money I have ever spent. I have said this many times to friends already. Wow, she took my goals and thoughts, added her flair and expertise, and now I have a definite, do-able plan.  A lot of which we can do ourselves if we choose. Armed with what the result should look like, we don't have to think about making mistakes with building changes and colours.

Thanks Michelle!

mood board

Nowra NSW

Michelle was the key in setting up my room. Right from the initial contact with a few questions  Michelle already had an image of what I wanted. Michelle sent me my 'mood board' to work from, and it was perfect. All that we had discussed was accounted for.  Michelle has an exceptional eye for detail, for me what sets her apart from others is her ability to visualise brilliantly what her clients want by listening! My clients feel comfortable and welcome when visiting my little office space.

Thanks Michelle.


Online Sydney

What a great job you do for your online clients!

First advice of its kind and what a leader in the industry you are. How lucky we got to know you before making lasting mistakes!




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Michelle Stokes –

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