DE NOVO: (Latin) from the beginning starting anew

De Novo Concepts is a building and colour consulting business which has been providing advice for 28 years.  My advice ranges on all selections internally and externally onsite or online world wide, commercial or residential.  With years of experience I can help you see your dream home come to life, your renovation stand out in your street and your investment properties up for sale with the confidence of knowing they were professionally designed and ready for the market.   I provide online advice world wide and am proud to say I was the first in Australia to develop the online consults with many now following my lead. My online’s have reach as far as Canada, United States, UK, Singapore and India.  Please don’t hesitate to email or cal me if you would like to talk about your project.


Michelle Stokes – 0419 279 883


Local – Orient Point

The house looks amazing, you were spot on, photo doesn't even do it justice!
Thank you so much!!




Berry B&B


                                                                                                                                                                                                        Woody's Wood Fired Pizza's 

We’ve just had Michelle colour consult at our quirky, somewhat troublesome, 80’s brick house/ B&B.  Wow.  So easy to work with. Michelle was prompt and professional and in no time at all we have a solution to a problem area  we’ve had for years!  Wish I had found Michelle earlier,  it would have saved me so much time and effort,  and many tins of paint!! I’ll definitely be recommending  her to friends currently building and will be getting her back when we start the bathroom/bedroom Reno’s.

Thanks Michelle!!

Online Consult Melbourne

Michelle has saved me on my last 4 jobs!

Her attention to detail is second to none!

We broke the record for the highest selling house in the street with her help, would highly recommend!


Online Sydney

What a great job you do for your online clients! First advice of its kind and what a leader in the industry you are.  How lucky we got to know you before making lasting mistakes!



Federation Makeover

Once again Michelle has delivered . This is the second time we have used  Michelle's services. We purchased a federation style home that needed refreshing and had no idea where to start. Michelle was able to provide prompt, detailed advice from paint to furniture and rugs. This was done all from photographs. Quick, simple and easy! Nothing was too difficult or any trouble, she genuinely loves her work and I can call and her advice as we move through the project. W are so excited to start the transformation.


Recent Work



  De Novo Concepts Online


  •  Online consultations – world wide

  •   Onsite External – building selections and colour

  •   Onsite Internal – building selections and colour

  •   Small space landscaping advice

  •  Online – Mood boards – to help you visualise your space

  •   Onsite & Online – De-Cluttering – your space/home and life

  •   Real Estate – staging for sales

Michelle Stokes –

M: 0419 279 883