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I have had over 18 years’ experience with online consultations. They are nothing new to me.

My on lines will always be faster and cheaper than onsite visits. Many clients have found that by supplying me with photos and advice on their scope of works, their online consultation was easier and quicker than they thought. I also supply online consultations to clients who live quite close to me. Most times I do not need to visit. If I feel I need to visit my local clients, I will let them know. You will receive a mood board with all chosen selections within the board. My on lines range from externals, internals and small space landscaping. If you have any queries about an online consultation with me, please don’t hesitate to ring or send me an email, I am always here to help and answer questions. Please read more in my online tab below.

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External Colour Scheme


No matter what style of home you plan on building or renovating, I can help you with your colour scheme and building selections.

All styles and designs are fun to work with. If you simply have a question about how I work please don’t hesitate to call or email me.


External Mood boards


My mood boards are a way that I show my clients what their externals, internals or rooms can look like with thoughtful selections. They are designed to be a visual tool so clients know what to buy to create the look.

I love doing them more than anything I do with my work, so creative and so much fun.

If you would like a mood board to help you with a room or space you may be having difficulty with, please send me an email.

Currarong NSW


I work very closely with my clients, listening to their thoughts and ideas. Getting to know them personally helps me to provide my clients with the desired results for their new builds or renovations.

Michelle Stokes – 0419 279 883


I had most of my ideas together regarding exterior paint colours, but Michelle moved the colours around and suggested different strengths of the paint colours to ensure the effect I was after. Thanks for putting together a great plan Michelle. I am delighted!

Jenny Opperman


What We Offer

External, Internal, Colour, Decoration, Small Space Landscaping Advice ,

Mood Boards , Staging for Sales

Online Worldwide or Onsite in the Shoalhaven


Nothing tells a story better than photos.
Enjoy my before and after photos of my work with clients.

Online Consults

My on lines are fast, affordable and reliable
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I work closely with my clients. Your home is important to me, I work with you to create the space you desire.

Bedroom Makeover
Residential Mood Boards


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Our Expertise

34 Years of Business, 18 years providing online advice to clients in all countries and across Australia

De Novo Concepts is a building and colour consulting business which has been providing advice for 34 years. My advice ranges on all selections internally and externally onsite or online worldwide, commercial, or residential. With years of experience, I can help you see your dream home come to life. Your renovation stand out in your street and your investment properties sell with the confidence of knowing they were professionally designed and ready for the market. I provide online advice worldwide and proud to say I was the first in Australia to develop online consultations with many now following my lead. My on line’s have reached as far as Canada, United States, UK, Singapore, and India.

Zoom consults available.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call me.


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We had a large project of selecting external colour schemes for a development of 12 properties, but we could not do a blanket colour for all so we had to call in an expert!.. Michelle was amazing. Job was done super fast and there was nothing I needed to change. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle.

Kelly Jamieson – Nowra NSW